Meet Carbon Health’s Chief People Officer, Uzair Qadeer

Carbon Health Editorial Team
November 17, 2021
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“By curating an exceptional employee experience at Carbon Health, we can turbocharge our journey toward making great care universally accessible. A chance to be a part of, and help lead, such a powerful and exciting movement is simply irresistible.”  — Uzair Qadeer, Chief People Officer at Carbon Health

Photograph of Uzair Qadeer, Carbon Health Chief People Officer
Uzair Qadeer

We are delighted to have Uzair Qadeer join the Carbon Health family as our first chief people officer. When we set out to find the right leader for this role, we envisioned someone with human resources experience at complex and large companies. We also wanted someone focused on building a unique culture and employee experience for people of all backgrounds.

In Uzair, we also found remarkable parallels between his vision for human resources and our mission and values. Uzair cares deeply about creating a liberating environment for all employees to thrive, and he understands that for a company like Carbon Health, the best employee experience translates into the best patient experience. Uzair will be leading end-to-end human resources programs including employee experience; talent management and acquisition; diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB); and compensation and benefits as the company continues to scale.

Prior to Carbon Health, Qadeer was the chief diversity officer at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, where he served on the company’s executive management team. Before that, he served as a leader at Deloitte’s human capital consulting business, where he focused on redefining every aspect of HR, including organizational development, culture, and talent management. Qadeer also worked at Bristol Myers Squibb in various roles of increasing responsibilities both in the U.S. and in Italy. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Human Resources Leadership Forum, was recently named one of the Top 100 Chief Diversity Officers by the National Diversity Council, and was called a “HR Futurist” by American Healthcare Leader magazine. Qadeer received his master’s degree, as well as his BA and BS. degrees, from Pennsylvania State University. 

We sat down with Uzair to learn more about his background, why joining the Carbon Health family was “irresistible,” and what he thinks are the key components to being a successful people leader.

Carbon Health Editors: Welcome to the Carbon Health family, Uzair! Your career is beyond impressive — what made you decide to take the leap and join Carbon Health?

Uzair Qadeer: I believe that at Carbon Health, opportunities to innovate are endless and that our collective efforts will have a meaningful impact on the lives of our colleagues and patients, as well as our society. I am deeply purpose-driven, and I was magnetized to Carbon Health’s values, vision, and mission, as well as our shared thirst for making the exceptional expected.  

CHE: Tell us about yourself. 

UQ: I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I consider myself a global citizen. I speak six languages and have lived and/or worked in five countries. I’ve had a chance to live in beautiful cities such as Seattle, Rome, London, New York City, Boston, and Barcelona. Therefore, learning about different cultures and traveling are my greatest personal passions. I also love fitness, food, and fashion.

CHE: You’re Carbon Health’s first chief people officer (CPO). What do you plan to tackle first?

UQ: CPOs are responsible for end-to-end employee experiences. We need to think about the whole experience from the employee’s point of view and optimize for what will make the entire experience exceptional. When employees have a sensational and memorable experience, breakthroughs are inevitable.  

CHE: What makes a great CPO?

UQ: Great CPOs serve as stewards of corporate culture and focus heavily on morphing their organizations into a magnet and an incubator for top talent. They do this by creating an outstanding culture that’s ripe with magical moments of empathy, inclusion, and empowerment. Effective CPOs have to serve as artful and thoughtful leadership coaches to the management team members and others. It is their mandate to ensure that leaders are being coached to have an impact, live their unique purpose, and positively lead their teams and colleagues. CPOs have to ensure that people feel a deep sense of belonging and that systems and processes are in place to deliver a remarkable end-to-end employee experience.  

CHE: What energizes you as a leader?

UQ: Delivering that exceptional experience for both employees and patients energizes me. Companies cannot deliver a transformative customer experience unless they can first deliver an outstanding employee experience.

CHE: You are very passionate about building strong employee-patient relationships. Can you elaborate on that?

UQ: A strong employee-patient connection gives employees better insights into patient needs. Armed with those insights, employees better serve patients and, in turn, yield superior financial results that create conditions to reward employees remarkably. It is a powerful connection-loop between delighted employees and customers.

CHE: What do you value in a leader?

UQ: I believe that the best thing a leader can do is to listen. It is our job to seek to understand. I cannot wait to meet as many Carbonauts as possible so I can get to know them, hear their voices, and help them build an organization anchored in their powerful insights and perspectives. It is my hope for all our employees that they experience Carbon Health as a place where they feel respected, valued, and nurtured with a strong sense of belonging.

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