Meet Carbon Health’s VP of Talent: Kimberly Ta-Vuong

Carbon Health Editorial Team
September 28, 2021
4 mins

Kimberly Ta-Vuong (or KTV, as we Carbonauts affectionately call her) heads up our Talent team, a group of passionate professionals who are responsible for finding and recruiting the incredibly diverse and accomplished people who make up Carbon Health today.

Talk about no small order! A lot has happened in the two-plus years she’s helmed the department — namely, a global pandemic and a 2,500 percent increase in company size.

We sat down to chat with KTV to learn more about her background, what she looks for when building out a team, and how Zoom is changing the game when it comes to finding talent. She even shared some valuable interview tips!

Carbon Health Editors: Hi, KTV! Thanks so much for sitting down with us today. To start off, tell us what makes Carbon Health such a special place to work.

KTV: It’s definitely the people. From all of our caring clinicians and clinical teams to our strategic HQ “Launchpad” team members, we all care for one another. Our work matters when it comes to taking care of our patients, and we work collaboratively to get the work done.

CHE: As a talent leader, what advice do you have for people who want to become Carbonauts? 

KTV: Do your research to get to know Carbon Health more than just what you see on the website. You can learn so much about the exciting things Carbon Health is doing. It’s important to know why you want to be part of Carbon Health. Being a part of our team is definitely more than having “just another job.”

CHE: What drew you to a career in the healthcare industry? 

KTV: My calling came when I received a call from a recruiter telling me about an exciting opportunity helping cancer patients. My best friend had passed from cancer, and I remembered her health struggles. I wanted my career to impact patients’ lives, and I wanted to do meaningful work.

CHE: What is it about Carbon Health’s culture and values that resonates with you?

KTV: We have four core values that shape our culture: 

     • We assume karma exists. 

     • We respect the craft.

     • We put ourselves in positions of insight.

     • We hire people who genuinely care.

I feel the behaviors that drive the “We assume karma exists” value resonate with me because I believe in doing the right thing for our patients, our business growth, and our Carbonauts. This puts things in perspective when you are making decisions and thinking about solutions. 

CHE: What’s one thing you can’t stress enough when it comes to interviewing, especially now that so many interactions and first impressions are made over Zoom?

KTV: Take a breath and pause! Try not to go into a monologue where you talk for 10 minutes straight. Yes, we want to understand your background, but we also want an engaging dialogue.

CHE: That’s a great tip. Have any others?

KTV: Be authentic! We want to get to know who you are, what motivates you, and what you are passionate about. Don’t answer questions with what you think we want to hear. We truly want to learn more about you and learn from you. We encourage diversity of thought and want our teams to reflect all of the communities we serve — which is everyone! 

CHE: What does Carbon Health do from a candidate experience perspective that is different from other organizations?

KTV: For candidates, we put a lot of effort into explaining Carbon Health’s business, history, growth, future, and teams. We know you have choices, so we want you to have information at your fingertips and know that Carbon Health is the right place for you.

CHE: What does the future hold for Carbon Health? 

KTV: We are on track to have 1,500 clinics across the United States by 2025, which means we are continuing to recruit and fill positions across all functions — from our medical and clinical teams to positions at Carbon Health headquarters. 

Interested in joining us on our mission to make high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone? Check out our job openings here

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