A little bit about Carbon Health

Carbon Health is reimagining the Urgent Care and Primary Care experience for both patients and clinicians by marrying technology with clinical excellence. Our own EMR and patient application is purposefully built for Urgent Care and Primary Care delivery and our clinical leadership team comes from some of the top systems in the country. We're backed by Brookfield Asset Management, the largest real estate investor in the world with more than $500 billion in assets.

Working with Carbon Health

  • Liquidity/security : We offer fair value for your practice so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and limit future risk.
  • Employment opportunities : You and your staff will find a new home at Carbon Health and have the opportunity to play a leadership role as we expand.
  • Minimized disruption : We recognize the level of work and time it takes to build up a practice, garner trust within the community, and how important your staff is. Our process is fast and efficient, with minimized disruption to ongoing operations. Expect sensitivity towards confidentiality and constant communication.
  • Process & technology : Drive higher patient satisfaction with less effort. Our providers spend less than 20 minutes per day on after-hours charting.
  • Marketing expertise : We bring a team of world class digital marketers who drive volume to your clinic on day one.
  • Boutique billing & support : Centralized billing and support free up in-clinic staff so they can spend more time with patients.

Even though we were one of the top Urgent Care providers in the SF Bay Area with six clinics, selling Direct Urgent Care to Carbon Health transformed our business. Bringing in Carbon Health's technology doubled our patient retention rate and helped us thrive in a very competitive market. The Carbon Health team is just as dedicated to doing the right thing for patients and creating the most patient and provider focused Urgent Care experience, as we are. They have been very open to learning from us and we have learned a tremendous amount from them. We've become one team and are achieving our goals to provide better care faster and at a lower cost.

Dr. Caesar Djavaherian, MD

The Treat clinic was a passion project and a labor of love from its inception. It became clear we would need to do something differently to fully realize the vision we had for modern Urgent Care and it also became clear we couldn't do it on our own. Bringing in Carbon Health has not only made my life easier, but it put our whole team on a completely different trajectory.

Dr. Sujal Mandavia, MD
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