COVID-19 Clearance Exam

Carbon Health is offering COVID-19 Clearance Exams to patients with scheduled procedures and treatments. This exam will ensure scheduled treatments proceed safely and on time.

Booking an appointment

What to know before you book your COVID-19 testing appointment

Regardless of your reason for a COVID-19 test, clearance exams require you to input insurance or payment information when you book. You will not be charged, however this information is required to execute the exam through Carbon Health.

5-7 day turnaround
Lab result turnaround times can vary so we advise booking 5-7 days prior to your procedure date.
Book early
Space is limited so book your appointment early to avoid delays to your main procedure.
Tests near you
COVID-19 Clearance Exams can be scheduled at any Carbon Health clinic.

How to book a COVID-19 testing appointment

Select a date and time at your closest location.

covid-19 clearance exam

What to expect

Once you've scheduled your COVID-19 Clearance Exam, you will complete a baseline assessment.

During your appointment, you’ll talk to a doctor, receive a COVID-19 test and a physical exam. This test will determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19 and the exam will assess your physical readiness for your upcoming procedure. Carbon Health offers a myriad of COVID-19 tests including diagnostic and antibody.

Coronavirus test results can be shared via email or the Carbon Health app.

Carbon Health will not share any results from your visit directly with your medical procedure provider or travel carrier.

the Carbon Health difference

Who is Carbon Health

Carbon Health is a technology-enabled healthcare provider that combines smart technology with modern clinics. Carbon Health specializes in urgent care, primary care, mental health, and has been working tirelessly to make COVID-19 testing available to all.

Chat with your provider in real time
Access your charts & complete records immediately
Same day urgent, primary & virtual care
Mental health & pediatric services that fit your schedule

Frequently asked questions

  • If you have insurance, for example Kaiser HMO or Medi-Cal, there is no fee or cost to you as a patient. You will need to supply Carbon Health with your insurance details, preferably when you book your appointment online, or via the Carbon Health app.

    If you are not insured, there is no fee or cost to you as the patient. As part of the Families First and CARES Act, you will have to fill out a short form at the clinic at the time of your COVID-19 Clearance Exam appointment. The new FFCRA and CARES Acts have made funding available to allow Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) related care accessible to all Americans including those uninsured. We still will need to file the testing visit to the government.

  • Lab result turnaround times can vary so we advise you book your appointment 7 days prior to your procedure date. Space is limited so book as early as possible to avoid delays on your main procedure.
  • We send out specimens 7 days a week from our clinics and see results from our lab partners come in continuously. Typically results are available within 72 hours of testing, however this is not guaranteed so book your appointment early.
  • Carbon Health has clinic locations across California. You are welcome to book an exam at any location near you.