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  • Primary Care Sick Visit$215
  • Primary Care Physical (New Patient)$215
  • Primary Care Physical (Existing Patient)$215
  • Urgent Care Visit$215
  • Virtual Mental Health Visit$149
  • Virtual Urgent Care$99
  • Virtual Primary Care$165

On-site imaging and labs

  • X-Rays$75+ visit price
  • Blood Glucose$10+ visit price
  • Chemistry Panel$10+ visit price
  • Fecal Occult Blood Test$10+ visit price
  • Flu Screening$38+ visit price
  • Mononucleosis Screening$10+ visit price
  • Strep Screening$19+ visit price
  • Urinalysis$25+ visit price
  • Rapid COVID NAAT test - Same-Day NAAT$130

Medication and vaccinations

  • Oral Medications$15+ visit price
  • Intramuscular Medications$35+ visit price
  • Intravenous Medications$125+ visit price
  • Flu Vaccine$45+ visit price
  • Tetanus Vaccine (TD)$70+ visit price
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis Vaccine (TDAP)$78+ visit price

Wound care

  • Burn Care$100+ visit price
  • Foreign Body Removal$125+ visit price
  • Incision and Drainage$175+ visit price
  • Laceration Repair with Dermabond$200+ visit price
  • Laceration Repair with Staples or Sutures$200+ visit price
  • Subungual Hematoma Drainage$125+ visit price
  • Toe Nail Removal$125+ visit price

Orthopedic device

  • Boot$115+ visit price
  • Cane$20+ visit price
  • Crutches$45+ visit price
  • Knee Mobilizer$65+ visit price
  • Post-op Shoe$35+ visit price
  • Sling$30+ visit price
  • Stirrup$60+ visit price
  • Velcro Brace$35+ visit price

Other exams and procedures

  • Ear Wax Removal$50+ visit price
  • EKG$30+ visit price
  • Gynecological Exam$215+ visit price
  • Aspiration$100+ visit price
  • Reduction$150+ visit price
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