Carbon for Campus redefines student health services to provide for all of your diverse, vibrant student population's on-campus and remote healthcare needs.

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    Comprehensive care

    We offer a modern, flexible solution that integrates primary, urgent, and mental healthcare with nationwide virtual access to providers 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

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    Flexible options

    With our in-person locations, extended hours, and desktop and mobile apps for virtual care, your students have easy access to high-quality healthcare, whether they’re on campus or learning remotely from a distance.

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    Lower costs

    Symptom management, continuous health monitoring, mental healthcare, and sexual health services can prevent emergencies and more-serious problems from developing down the line, lowering overall costs.

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Benefits of Carbon for Campus

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Comprehensive health services

  • Primary & urgent care
  • Mental health services
  • Immunization management
  • Women's health
  • LGBTQ+ health
  • Sexual health
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Increased access to healthcare

  • Year-round care
  • Virtual visits & same-day appointments
  • Instant access to results and treatment plans in the app
  • Weekend and extended hours
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Immunization management

  • Digital immunization program
  • Immunization status reports
  • Vaccine schedule notifications
  • Health Pass digital vaccine card
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Modern, high-quality locations

  • High-quality and professionally run locations
  • Bright, airy spaces
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 89
  • Holistic healthcare
  • Evidence-based medicine
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Sexual health and wellness program

  • STI evaluation and tests
  • Sexual health education
  • Risk assessment & prevention
  • Contraceptive options
  • Same-day access for sexual health issues
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Complete COVID-19 coverage

  • Testing
  • Vaccine map
  • Health Pass digital vaccine card
  • COVID-Positive care program
  • Medical consultations
  • Enterprise dashboard with real-time reporting
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A healthcare program tailored for students

We understand that the needs of students differ from the needs of the general population. Our work with universities has allowed us to develop a uniquely student-centric program.

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Return to school safely

  • Digital vaccine tracking program

    Our program registers students at the beginning of each term and collects their immunization info.

  • Real-time immunization status reports

    We make status reports available to student affairs administrators for decision-making. Students receive vaccine and immunization notifications, so you don’t have to send out reminders.

  • Health Pass: digital COVID-19 vaccine card

    Students can verify their vaccine status with our industry-leading, HIPAA-compliant digital vaccine card.

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Support for mental health

  • Comprehensive mental health services

    Our services are accessible to all students regardless of location — services include individual therapy, group therapy, and environmental response.

  • Customized response programs

    Carbon Health's clinical team will work with you to develop tailored programs in response to on-campus and global events.

  • Access to services from anywhere

    Carbon Health's comprehensive mental health services are accessible to all students regardless of location.

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Care when & where students need it

  • Access from anywhere on any day

    We offer nationwide access to coverage 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Your remote and distributed students can get care virtually, or walk into any of 73 Carbon Health locations in 10 states (soon to be 150 locations around the country).

  • Chat with a provider from any device

    Our mobile apps are compatible with iOS and Android, and through the app you can chat with your provider, conduct virtual visits, and order prescription refills.

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What our clients say

Carbon Health’s virtual and in-person offerings make it easy for students to keep in touch with their healthcare provider, make appointments, and access their medical records through the app.

Grace Hum
Assistant Dean of Students at UC Law SF Law

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