Scrotum Pain

Scrotum pain is often a result of irritation, injury to, or infection of the testicles. Scrotum pain has no singular cause, so it's best to speak with a healthcare provider if your pain concerns you. Seek emergency care if you show signs of torsion, like swollen, blue, inflamed testicles, or nausea. Torsion can lead to a loss of testicles if untreated.
Pain in the scrotum can be a symptom of a variety of conditions, ranging from minor injuries to serious medical conditions. Common causes of scrotal pain include injury or trauma to the area, such as a blow to the testicles, inflammation or infection of the epididymis or testicles, or a hernia. In some cases, testicular torsion, a medical emergency in which the spermatic cord twists and cuts off blood flow to the testicle, can also cause severe scrotal pain.

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