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Instant Virtual Doctor Visits for $29

$29 Instant Virtual Doctor Visits

No waiting for an appointment. Get treated for straightforward conditions by messaging our providers in the Carbon Health app.

Working hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-6PM

How it works

Step 1

Download Carbon App

After selecting the reason for your appointment, we will send you a sms with a link to download the app and start your visit right away!

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    Step 2

    Answer some questions

    In under 10 minutes, you will answer to some questions about your condition and, in some cases, take photos of your symptoms.

    Step 3

    Wait for physician review

    Our clinicians will review your case and recommend a course of action within 2 business hours.

    Step 4

    Receive your treatment plan

    If a video or clinic appointment seems safer for your symptoms, we offer you easy alternative care options and refund your messaging visit. Otherwise, have your prescriptions delivered or sent to the pharmacy of your choice.