Reimagining the healthcare delivery experience with hospitals and health systems

Carbon Health seamlessly integrates with your organization to deliver a premium, patient-centered experience and improved clinical outcomes.

What we do:

  • Expand access points. Onboard more patients to your hospital brand.
  • Boost patient retention. Turn transactions into long-term relationships.
  • Know your customers. In-depth data analysis and insights.
  • Improve provider satisfaction. Technology designed by physicians.
  • Grow market share. Quick integration with immediate results.

Our achievements:

  • Over 50% improvement in patient retention.
  • Significant boost in operational efficiency and clinic profitability.
  • 10% of the patients become our partner's PCP customers.
  • Patient Satisfaction (NPS) of 78


Since our partnership, we expanded market reach and converted over 10% of new patients to our medical group.

Aimee Brewer
President Northbay Healthcare Group
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The efficiently run clinics and fully integrated virtual platform provides the high-touch, individual care that meets the expectations of our patients.

Bruce Harrison
President Silicon Valley Medical Development, El Camino Health
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