Sinus infection symptoms

Sometimes what starts off as a cold can linger in the sinuses, causing pressure, tenderness, and congestion for days. Check in with us to see what treatment options make most sense for your symptoms

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Lo que dicen otros pacientes

  • Skyler J.
    Skyler J.
    Carmichael, CA
    This is probably the most painless experience with a doctor's office I have ever had. We were done with a routine physical in well under an hour. Dr. Burrell was great and went over all the major potential risk factors for me. Felt like I got a full work up personalized to me. Had to come back to do a blood test after I had fasted and they didn't even need me to make an appointment. I just walked right in to get the work done. I would HIGHLY recommend Carbon Health if you are looking for a physician.
  • Jessica M.
    Jessica M.
    Los Angeles, CA
    Finally healthcare that has joined the 21st century. I just had my first appointment here and I loved it! Everything was streamlined before the appointment making check in a breeze. I never sat alone in the room for than a minute alone and Dr. Sadarangani was extremely polite and professional.
  • Nadia R.
    Nadia R.
    Davis, CA
    I am blown away. Everything about this urgent care was exemplary. I broke my nose, and everything from signing in, to seeing the nurse and PA, was streamlined and I am grateful for and impressed with the level of care they provided. I'll definitely be back if another disaster arises!