Top 7 reasons why doctors get bad reviews

What are the reasons people give 1 and 2 star reviews?

Have you ever searched for a doctor online, looked at their reviews, and skipped over the ones with 2 stars or less? Most doctors genuinely want to help their patients get well and stay healthy. Then why do many doctors still get low reviews?


We deep dived into why doctors get bad reviews by analyzing the online reviews of primary care doctors throughout the SF Bay Area:


Primary care doctors in the Bay Area - SF, Oakland, San Jose


Number of reviews collected for Bay Area doctors


Bad online reviews, i.e. 2 star and below

of reviews were★★and below
= 2,000 Reviews


The 2 star doctor reviews can be broken down into two broad categories; Clinical issues and Operational issues.



The perceived treatment, attitude or approach from a doctor, nurse or office staff.



All the administrative work including scheduling, billing, prescriptions, lab tests as well as the office environment in general.

Note: We analyzed the content of 2212 two star reviews out of 5362 total bad reviews.

Clinical Issues

Breaking down the bad reviews further, Clinical issues came up as the top 3 reasons for the bad review followed by a long list of Operational issues.

The doctor I met with was energetically cold condescending and defensive.
-A Patient

Scheduling & Billing

Scheduling and billings made up 60% of overall Operational issues at the doctors office!

The appointment scheduling is absurd. I always have to leave work for an appointment only to find that the slot is triple booked.
-A Patient

Key Take Aways

So, what does this all mean? This shows that managing a practice is complex and challenging. Doctors and their staff work hard to provide great care, but can get bogged down in day-to-day administration and sometimes the patients feel the consequences.

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