A rash is an area of the skin that’s irritated, blistering, crusty, or discolored. Pain and itchiness are common with rashes. If you have any concerning symptoms, or if your symptoms are not improving, schedule an urgent care visit to have it examined by a clinician.
There are many types of rashes and many causes of rashes. Depending on these factors, severity varies widely. In general, you should seek medical attention if your rash is spreading rapidly; if it is accompanied by a fever or dizziness; if it is painful or tender; if it came on suddenly or unexpectedly; if there are signs of infection; if there are purple, blue, or circular patches or bruises in the rash; or if the rash has persisted for longer than a week. If your rash is mild but atypical for you, you may also want to get it checked out for peace of mind.

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