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Urinary tract infection (UTI)

A urinary tract infection is a very common infection of the bladder, typically treated with antibiotics. For women, it can usually be handled by an instant care appointment.

How it works


Answer a few questions

Our physicians have created guidelines that will help us collect the most relevant information in less than a few minutes.


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Our smart triage will suggest the right type of visit for you. For common cases, we can typically treat you right away.


Get a care plan

We can usually treat you right away. We may rarely suggest a video or clinic visit depending on your symptoms.


Rest and recover

Your prescription will be delivered to your home or a nearby pharmacy for pick-up. Choose what works fo you.

Common Care Plan for Urinary tract infection (UTI)

We bring the highest quality of care to where you are. Our care guidelines are designed and peer reviewed by our curated team of physicians, who bring the highest standard of care to you.

Greg Burrell M.D., Internal Medicine
Carbon Health’s founding physician & Director of Medicine


Very common. We prescribe Antibiotics more than 80% of the time


Less than 10% of the time, we feel the need for a lab test.


It’s very rare, but we may refer you to a specialist if we believe it is necessary.

  • Macrobid
  • Keflex
  • Pyridium
  • Cipro

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Our medical guidelines and contect are prepared and peer-reviewed by our curated group of licensed physicians.

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If you need to see a physician, you can walk into any of our clinics, and your information will be easily transferred.

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What other patients are saying

  • Lin B.
    Lin B.
    Berkeley, CA
    I have to rave about my experience with ALL of the staff here, from the receptionist to the medical technicians and physician assistants. They were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable and responsive.
  • Mathieu L.
    Mathieu L.
    Oakland, CA
    Very impressed on how kind and competent everybody was. Their use of technology (appointment reminder, registration, payment, prescription, follow-up with physician, all via the Carbon phone app). Highly recommended, I wish they were not limited to urgent care and also had PCP services.
  • Keeley M.
    Keeley M.
    San Francisco, CA
    Easiest, fastest, most streamlined process I have ever had with urgent care. The app portal allowed me to enter all my info on the way there, probably waited a grand total of 10 min to see a doctor, including check in. Highly recommend.