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Reduce infections, prevent outbreaks, and keep your employees safe through testing, tracking, tracing, and more.

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We were impressed with Carbon Health’s sharp focus on COVID-19 and data, and have partnered with them to provide tools to keep our employees safe as we build back to a better future.

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How it works

Minimize Workplace Risk

Testing is not enough. Make sure you have all the pieces in place to safely and responsibly open and operate.

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  • Medical Consultation & Protocols

    Review your physical workspace(s), HR protocols, and documentation with our medical team to generate a customized action plan grounded in expert medical oversight and COVID-19 operational best practices.

  • COVID Curriculum & Ongoing Education

    Get access to engaging and curated content on key developments and scientific research your team needs to know to prevent infection, make informed decisions, and stay safe in and out of work during COVID-19 and beyond.

  • Daily Symptom Tracker

    Carbon Health's easy-to-use Daily Symptom Tracker proactively gets ahead of a potential outbreak by tracking the health of your teams. Save time, reduce stress, and minimize risk for everyone with this tool.

  • Management & Containment

    Monitor individual employees, see test results, and check daily symptom tracker compliance mandates through your customized dashboard. Should any of your employees exhibit symptoms, have step-by-step plans in place including full service contact tracing managed by Carbon Health.

More than 300,000 COVID tests completed.

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COVID-19 Testing

Onsite Testing

Enjoy the convenience of high volume testing events at your work location. Carbon Health will coordinate with your team(s) to conduct onsite COVID-19 testing of all employees. Results are tracked and monitored in a customized employer dashboard.

In-Clinic Testing

Pre schedule appointments at Carbon Health clinics for quick turnaround times and shorter wait periods. Ideal for small numbers of employees needing regular scheduled testing to return to work.

At-Home Testing

Opt to have your employees test from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Perfect for companies operating in multiple locations with distributed teams.

Pricing made simple.

  • Minimum 100 person
    $20/ mo / person


    • Daily Symptom Tracker
    • Medical Consultation Protocol Review
    • Educational Videos
    • Contact Tracing
    • Unlimited COVID-specific Virtual Care
  • 50 - 75 Employees
    50 - 75 Employees
    76 - 150 Employees
    151 - 300 Employees
    300+ Employees
    Starts at
    $9,000/ event

    Testing Events

    • Pop Up Clinics
    • Onsite Clinics
    • Bulk Testing
    • At Home Testing
    Sign Up2-4 week lead time to coordinate event
  • Minimum 100 person

    Custom pricing

    Cost varies based on testing options and locations.

    Essentials + Testing

    • Daily symptoms tracker
    • Clinical support Testing
    • Testing

Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

How does COVID Ready work?

Employers signed up for COVID Ready can invite their employees to enroll through the employer dashboard. Employees will sign up for the COVID Ready program through the Carbon Health app, and complete the onboarding process, which includes a coronavirus assessment and taking a COVID-19 test. Employers will be able to track their employee's test results in a customized employer dashboard. The app employees use is the same one that Carbon Health patients have used for years.

Employees are notified daily to update their status through Carbon Health's in-app COVID-19 assessment tool. When necessary, employees will be referred to a virtual or clinic visit, that may or may not include a COVID-19 test. Depending on the outcome of their visit, employee work status will be made visible to the employer in the employer dashboard.

When daily monitoring begins, employers will be able to track each employee's daily compliance to filling out the symptom tracker and see their latest work status so they may quickly administer management protocols, such as paid sick leave.

How do employees onboard through the Carbon app?

Employees receive a notification to download the Carbon app on their smartphone. After downloading the app and creating a Carbon Health account, the employee will be prompted to complete a Coronavirus symptom and risk assessment.

After the assessment, employees will begin to log their work status into the app using a daily symptom tracker. In addition, employees will be able to watch a continuously evolving series of short, tactical videos on operating safely during the pandemic.

Which test is used to test employees for COVID-19?

Carbon's clinicians will determine which test to offer based on the employee's circumstances, such as risk, proximity to a testing location, and severity of symptoms. Carbon Health works with a wide variety of labs to test employees for COVID-19.

Can employers see an employee's private medical information?

Employers are only able to see COVID-19 test data and related data (such as how often an employee is checking in, if they are ready to return to work, and so on) about employees. Non COVID-19 data will not be visible to employers.

What employee information is being tracked?

Employers will be able to track an employee's enrollment date, the completion status of their initial assessment, the completion status of the education modules, their daily check in status, and their work readiness.

Here is a list of the data an employer can see:

Enrollment date
Initial assessment complete (Y/N)
Daily check ins completed (Y/N & Aggregate Count)
Active that day (Y/N)
COVID-19 Test Results

Is employee data protected?

Carbon Health follows strict HIPAA compliance regulations to ensure the safety and protection of employee health data, Carbon Health's privacy policy ( Employees' COVID-19 test results will be shared with employers, and employees will be clearly and frequently notified prior to that data being shared.

Can employees control what data is shared?

Employees will have control over which information they share, such as work notes generated by Carbon clinicians.

How does Carbon perform Employee Contact Tracing?

For employees who test positive, Carbon Clinicians run a comprehensive contact tracing program based on our in-house contact tracing program run on hundreds of patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. Trained Carbon Health clinicians help a positive patient understand the risks to them and those around them and walk them through the criteria to identify potentially exposed contacts Carbon Health clinicians will then contact the exposed individuals and ensure they get the care they need, including directing them to testing.

How does Carbon do Workplace Contact Tracing?

When an employee tests positive, Carbon Health clinicians contact the program administrator at your company and help them understand the criteria for exposure, identify additional employees who might have been exposed and contact them and ensure they receive the testing and care that they need.

What protections does Carbon have in place to protect my personal and health information from hackers or outsiders getting into the app or into their databases that store my information?

Carbon Health encrypts all of your data in transit and at rest, ensuring that your data remains private, with protected access that keeps that data between you and your healthcare provider. Carbon Health works within a highly regulated industry, and we ensure that you are protected by enforcement of the industry's best standards, standards that comply with HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, NIST 800-53, and other frameworks for best of breed security and compliance.

Where do they store this information?

All patient data and all medical data used by Carbon Health is stored only within Carbon Health managed systems. Your medical data belongs to you. No private and/or identifying data you provide will ever be sold.

Is there any user agreement, consent forms, or any document that I can review before I even download the app and provide my personal and health information to another company?

The Carbon Health Privacy Policy ( and Carbon Health Terms of Use ( are publicly available on our website to ensure you may review exactly how Carbon Health works to protect your privacy and to ensure your privacy remains protected.

How long does Carbon keep personal/health data for?

Under federal and state rules and regulations in the United States, we are not allowed to delete medical records for a period of time. Your medical records are highly regulated and highly secure. For Medicare patients, CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) requires that we retain patient records indefinitely. Please note, that the same laws written to ensure your medical data remains available to support your healthcare, also ensure your healthcare data is kept secure and protected under threat of financial and criminal penalty.

Is there anything that describes what they are doing, will do, and are allowed to do with my information?

First and foremost, Carbon Health will use your data to provide you the best possible healthcare we can provide: To ensure that you receive the direction and treatment appropriate for any health condition that you may be experiencing. For this purpose, your data is entirely private between you and Carbon Health. If you choose to sign a waiver authorizing a release of healthcare information to someone that is not Carbon Health (to release your COVID-19 test results to your employer for example) that release will explicitly define the data you are authorizing for release (First Name, Last Name, and whether the test was Positive or Negative for example) and to whom you are releasing (specific members of your employers' HR team for example) and no other data collected can or will be shared. Carbon Health wants to take care of you and your data: We will ask you about underlying conditions, your general health, and things that will help us provide you the best care we know how, but none of that will be shared unless you ask us to share it.

Can I delete the app AND my personal and health information and history if necessary?

You may absolutely delete the application at any time. Carbon Health is required by law to protect and retain your health information as shared with us. The laws requiring this data be kept were written to ensure medical treatment can be reviewed, and health records remain available for the period required. The laws that ensure this data is available for your future healthcare needs include protections that ensure your data remains private, and that the data is only accessible to you and your designated providers.

How long are we expected to be monitored and provide info to this app?

You may choose to opt-out of this program, and to rescind authorization to share your test results at any time. The choice to share or not share your data with your employer is entirely yours to make, and you will never lose the right to change your decision.