LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness
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LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness

We believe in healthcare for everyone. For us, everyone really does include every person and identity. Our clinics are inclusive, judgement-free zones. Plus, there’s no membership fees...ever.

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46% of LGBTQ+ people don’t feel comfortable talking to a healthcare provider about their fertility.


LGBTQ+ people deal with many hurdles when it comes to getting the healthcare they need. They are less likely to have health insurance, less likely to fill prescriptions, more likely to use the emergency room or delay getting care, and more likely to be refused health care services and be harassed by health care providers.


Lesbian and bisexual women have higher rates of breast cancer, and transgender men and women are also at a greater risk.

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LGBTQ+ services at a glance

Now you can see your Carbon Health primary care provider for your health and wellness needs. We offer assistance and referrals for a variety of symptoms or issues. Book an appointment today to talk to one of our providers about what you’re going through and they will be there to help, support, and guide you through your health journey. We currently offer support in the following areas:

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  • Wellness and Prevention
    • Annual Physical
    • Breast Health(exam + mammograms + ultrasounds)
    • Pelvic Exam
    • Pap Smear
    • Routine Screenings
    • Bone Density Exams(osteoporosis screening by referral)
  • Chest/Breast Health
    • Chest/Breast Lump Evaluation
    • Chest/Breast Cancer Screening
    • Ultrasounds, Mammograms (by referral)
  • Gender Affirming Care(by referral)
    • Hormone Management
  • Infectious Issues
    • STI/HIV Screening & Testing
    • HPV Tests
    • UTIs
    • Vaginal Infections
    • HIV/AIDS Treatment & Prevention (including PrEP and PEP)
  • Behavioral Health(screening + referrals)
    • Depression & Anxiety Management
    • Harm Reduction Counseling

Women’s Health & Wellness

No matter where you are on your life journey, Carbon Health’s healthcare providers use evidence-based practices to help you with all your healthcare needs.

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Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

Can your providers prescribe PEP and PrEP?

All of our primary care providers are qualified to prescribe these medications. It should be noted, however, that these medications do not protect against all STIs and doesn’t eliminate the need for safe sex practices. Taking these factors into account, along with your personal history and current health status, your provider will work to create a treatment plan for you.

Are your providers experienced with gender identity issues?

We recognize that binary standards of gender aren't sufficient for each of our patients. While we require your legal name and gender for insurance purposes, we offer tools within our app and website to share your gender identity, preferred pronouns, and preferred name. Our providers will use your preferred name during and between your visits. Additionally, our clinics are always equipped with gender-neutral bathrooms. Carbon Health continuously strives to improve accessibility and inclusivity, so our patients should feel free to provide open, honest feedback to our providers and staff.

Can your providers prescribe hormone therapy for gender affirming care?

Currently, we provide hormone management by referral, but plan to offer these services for our patients soon.

Which providers specialize in LGBTQ+ health?

All the providers in Carbon Health’s primary care program are highly trained in the best and most up to date evidenced based practices and provide culturally competent care.