Getting ready to reopen your business? Be sure you’re asking the right questions when it comes to working with potential back-to-business tech partners. Here’s an easy-to-use checklist to follow as you prep for business post-quarantine.

Coronavirus Testing

It's important to make sure your employees are healthy before returning to the workplace. Implementing ongoing testing can help prevent potential outbreaks.

  • 1.Who is the medical provider you are working with on testing?
  • 2.Can the provider execute customized testing programs for you?
  • 3.How many COVID-19 tests has the provider performed to date?

Monitoring & Reporting

As employees start to return to work, make sure those who have been potentially exposed get the appropriate care. Workplace contact tracing and symptom tracking helps keep an open line of communication with employees so they can inform family members, exposed colleagues, and other contacts if needed.

  • 1.How do you handle HIPAA compliance?
  • 2.Does the program cause the least amount of disruption to your workflow while maximizing precautions for your workforce?
  • 3.How are the clinical guidelines vetted and updated as protocols change?

COVID-19 Action Plans

Minimize exposure by planning ahead. If an employee has a suspected or confirmed infection, follow the step-by-step plan for a safe return to work.

  • 1.Can you provide contact tracing? If so, how?
  • 2.What happens when someone in my workforce tests positive for COVID-19?
  • 3.Do you offer broader clinical services?
  • 4.What type of medical oversight do you provide with return to work protocols and thinking through your physical space?
  • 5.Do you provide virtual health and/or mental health capabilities around COVID-19?

COVID-19 Education

There are still many unknowns when it comes to COVID-19. Educate your team on potential outbreak management, and best practices when it comes to maintaining clean and safe workspaces.

  • 1.What can you offer to help keep your employees healthy and happy?
  • 2.How are you thinking about future research and innovations when it comes to fighting COVID-19?
  • 3.Does the program offer culturally sensitive clinical resources (e.g. content for Spanish speakers)?
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