Custom vaccine and testing dashboard and mobile view of an employee’s vaccination records
Custom vaccine and testing dashboard and mobile view of an employee’s vaccination records

Keep your employees safe and your company in COVID-19 compliance

  • Secure & HIPAA compliant
  • Custom vaccine & testing dashboard
  • Manage medical & religious exemptions
  • On-demand testing & symptom tracking
  • Medical oversight from a trusted healthcare provider
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$5 per employee, per month

+ additional cost for on-demand testing & symptom tracking
Oakland Athletics

Carbon Health has been a huge relief in creating a trusting environment for all our employees. They’ve enabled us to have testing, contact tracing, & provide timely test results.

Dave Kaval
President, Oakland Athletics

We were impressed with Carbon Health’s sharp focus on COVID-19 and data, and have partnered with them to provide tools to keep our employees safe as we build back to a better future.

Sholeh Esmaili-Montoya
VP of People and Places
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Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

Is my employee’s health information secure?

Carbon Health follows strict HIPAA compliance regulations to ensure the safety and protection of employee health data. This is Carbon Health's privacy policy ( Employees' COVID-19 vaccination status will be shared with employers, and employees will be clearly notified prior to that data being shared.

Can employers see an employee's private medical information?

Employers are only able to see COVID-19 test data and related data (such as how often an employee is checking in, if they are ready to return to work, and so on) about employees. Non COVID-19 data will not be visible to employers.

What type of data does the dashboard show?

Our Covid tracking dashboard displays all doses of a Covid-19 vaccination, dates of vaccinations and brand(s) administered. We also display Covid test results and symptom tracking for members.

Is the dashboard updated with real time data?

Yes, the dashboard will show the latest information on your employees' COVID-19 vaccination and testing status. It will also notate those who opted out for medical or religious reasons. Depending on your company’s policy, your organization can choose if employees who opt out need to do recurrent testing. Testing and vaccinations done through Carbon Health will also reflect in the dashboard.

Can employees upload vaccine information if they did not get their vaccination through Carbon Health?

Yes, you can now upload your CDC compliant vaccination card to Health Pass using the photo-upload feature in the app.

Can an employee opt-out for religious or medical reasons?

Yes, the dashboard can be built to follow your own company's vaccination status policy, thereby showing exemptions for those who choose to opt-out for religious or medical reasons.

What protections does Carbon have in place to protect my personal and health information from hackers or outsiders getting into the app or into their databases that store my information?

Carbon Health encrypts all of your data in transit and at rest, ensuring that your data remains private, with protected access that keeps that data between you and your healthcare provider. Carbon Health works within a highly regulated industry, and we ensure that you are protected by enforcement of the industry's best standards, standards that comply with HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, NIST 800-53, and other frameworks for best of breed security and compliance.

Where do they store this information?

All patient data and all medical data used by Carbon Health is stored only within Carbon Health managed systems. Your medical data belongs to you. No private and/or identifying data you provide will ever be sold.