A New Standard of COVID Care for All Positive Patients

Aaron S. Weinberg MD, MPhil
September 23, 2020
3 min

Being diagnosed with COVID-19 comes with a range of emotions. Oftentimes patients are left without healthcare follow-up or a clear plan after they test positive unless their condition unfortunately worsens and they end up hospitalized. A positive diagnosis is not only stressful but downright scary. Carbon Health’s COVID Positive Care program was designed to ensure every patient has the tools they need to understand their condition, manage symptoms, and start the road to recovery.

At Carbon Health, we want to alleviate the fear and anxiety patients might be experiencing when they find out they have tested positive for COVID-19. We help patients manage their COVID-19 symptoms, make sure they are recovering appropriately, monitor for early signs of deterioration before their condition becomes dire, screen for COVID-19 related medical complications, and when the time is right clear patients to return to their daily activities and get back to work.

A COVID-Free Future

Carbon Health’s COVID Positive Care is a comprehensive program designed to address everything you’re going through on your personal COVID journey. Symptom management, ongoing monitoring, provider visits, and mental health screenings are just some of the ways we will help you manage your health when you join the COVID Positive Care program.

Symptom Tracking

The COVID Positive Symptom Tracker allows our providers to monitor for COVID-related short and long-term complications and ensure your recovery is progressing at an appropriate pace. It also helps you move out of isolation and back to your normal day-to-day life. Depending on your symptoms, we will provide over-the-counter or prescription therapies as well as guidance on symptom management.

Mental Health Screenings & Referrals

A positive COVID-19 test doesn’t just affect you physically, it can also impact your mental health and well-being. We will screen you for mental health symptoms and refer you to the proper providers at Carbon Health or elsewhere.

A Customized Care Plan

Just like every individual is unique, so are your COVID-19 symptoms. Your Carbon Health provider will work with you to customize a plan that makes sense for you and your health.

Ongoing Monitoring

Your long-term wellness is our top priority. COVID Positive Care provides ongoing support as you rebuild your health and can help triage any long-term complications that may arise post-COVID-19.

You may be isolated, but you’re not alone.

Know someone who is COVID positive? The path to recovery from COVID-19 is complicated and still full of unknowns. COVID Positive Care was designed to ensure every patient has the support and resources they need during this time.

Aaron S. Weinberg MD, MPhil

Aaron S. Weinberg, MD, MPhil, is Director of Program Development at Carbon Health and triple board-certified in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Internal Medicine.


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