Carbon Health Technology: Schedule Board 2.0

Ayo Omojola
August 25, 2021
4 mins

We recently launched an updated schedule board that should enable our clinics to run more efficiently. The schedule board is the command center for a clinic — staff use it to see which patients are scheduled that day, when they’re scheduled, and who has walked in, so they can prepare for appointments. Previously, it was a flat list with basic details about each patient’s appointment, including the time, the patient’s demographic information, the type of appointment, and which clinicians were seeing the patient. Here’s what it looked like before:


We wanted to make the experience extremely straightforward and have it more closely match the workflow at the clinic. As a result, we introduced a visual design and language, as well as some structural changes in the information architecture.

This new approach solves a few problems.

Pre-appointment checks

Patient cards show staff actionable context about a patient and an appointment, including whether they have filled out their intake forms, provided insurance cards, and signed the relevant consent forms for treatment. This saves the staff from having to ask unnecessary questions and makes for a smoother check-in process.

Clinician-specific schedules

We’ve made it easy for clinicians to drill down and see only their schedule and only their patients. This enables a clinician to prepare for their day — to see how many patients they currently have, what state each patient is in, and more.

Manage wait times

It’s now also far easier to see how long patients have been waiting, and whether they booked appointments in advance or walked in. 

Open care items

It’s now super easy to see the current stage of a patient’s appointment, as well as what’s left: if they have outstanding procedures, labs, or imaging; if their chart needs to be signed off; or anything else.

These changes are a small part of a meaningful shift in our provider application. More to come. As always, please let us ​​know here if you have questions or feedback. 

Ayo Omojola

Ayo Omojola is the Vice President of Product at Carbon Health. He loves building things that help people live their healthiest lives.