A Day in My Life: Meet Joycelyn Gordon, PA-C

Carbon Health Editorial Team
January 24, 2022
3 mins

It takes a village! At Carbon Health, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless patient experience for everyone who walks through our doors. That’s no easy feat, and we wouldn’t be able to pull it off without our dedicated team of clinicians, who bring compassion and expertise to their work every day — along with big smiles (behind their masks, of course).

Today we’re following Joycelyn Gordon, a physician assistant, senior clinician manager, and self-proclaimed “country girl from Belize,” as she goes about her day at our Atascocita, Texas, clinic. From comforting and educating patients to spending quality time with her colleagues, Joycelyn embodies the true spirit of Carbon Health, and we’re so proud to have her on our team.

CARBON HEALTH EDITORS: What drew you to a career in healthcare?

JOYCELYN GORDON: I’m just a country girl from Belize who fell in love with medicine. Healthcare indulges both my love of science and my desire to help people. 

CHE: What attracted you to Carbon Health? 

JG: Carbon Health has the elusive “it factor.” I don’t know exactly what it is, but I know it is very evident in the culture of the organization. Patients and employees feel valued. There’s always a feeling of genuine appreciation, support, inclusion, and dedication to our craft.

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CHE: What do you think the future of healthcare looks like? 

JG: COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the way healthcare is delivered. Moving forward, I think virtual care will become more mainstream, and because of this, we will see a higher utilization and more novel applications of technology in care delivery. Carbon Health really understands this and is paving the way. Our platform allows us to seamlessly integrate technology with patient care in ways that bring optimization, personalization, and innovation to how we meet the needs of our patients.

CHE: What do you think is a key factor in combating COVID-19? 

JG: For us as clinicians, it’s about doubling our efforts to educate patients and arm them with sound medical information that is both transparent and easy to understand. 

Unfortunately, there is a significant portion of the population that has serious doubts about the validity and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. The more we pull COVID-19 away from the political arena and closer to the medical arena, the easier it will become for people to accept the reality of it and make more socially responsible decisions. Clinicians should be at the forefront of this effort. 

CHE: What motivates you daily?

JG: Let’s face it, there is no shortage of hatred, negativity, and evil in the world, but in the wake of the pandemic I saw that there is also a lot of good. There are many kind-hearted people who are willing to make sacrifices for others. At the height of the crisis, I witnessed fellow healthcare workers and first responders work tirelessly, deprive themselves of food and sleep, and risk their lives to save the lives of others. It was truly amazing!

A Day in My Life: Joycelyn Gordon, PA-C

Scrubs ✅  Smile ✅  It’s time to open the doors at Carbon Health Atascocita, Texas.

Selfie time with fellow clinic lead, medical assistant Brandi McCoy.

Catching up with Angel Jung, an X-ray tech and clinic lead.

Personal protective clothing (PPC) is critical to the protection of staff and patients. Miriam Dhanani, PA-C, shows off hers with a peace sign.

Taking a break with support staffer Angela Cornett, and fellow PA-C Holly Cade.

Medical assistants like Hoang Hoang work tirelessly to make sure patients get the medical attention they need.

Catching up on paperwork and patient questions online before heading home.

Rocking her Carbon Health “Carby” mask.

Relaxing by the water after a long day helping patients.

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