Celebrating Carbon Health’s Engineering Team

Carbon Health Editorial Team
March 22, 2022
7 mins

At Carbon Health, we pride ourselves on combining smart technology with inviting clinics so we can meet our patients wherever they are. And we couldn’t offer this experience without our dedicated team of software engineers, who are continuously creating easier and better ways for our patients and providers to connect and manage our patients’ health.

We sat down with some of the talented people who make sure everyone has the best possible experience whenever they visit a Carbon Health clinic or log in to the Carbon Health website or app.

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Bates Jernigan, Senior Software Engineer

A photograph of Bates Jernigan, senior software engineer at Carbon Health

Carbon Health Editors: What drew you to a career in engineering?

Bates Jernigan: I have always been interested in how things work. Clocks and other complex machines are neat, but software is a place where you get to invent your own tools to solve interesting problems. 

CHE: What has been an exciting challenge to take on at Carbon Health?

BJ: This is my first job in healthcare, and I had no idea how involved an EMR (electronic medical record) system could be. It’s very interesting to see all of the different data models and control structures in place for such a mission critical piece of software. 

CHE: What’s the most gratifying part of your job? 

BJ: I love knowing that this work is directly helping people find and receive care for all of their ailments. These past two years have been extremely rough, and anything I can do to help ease the pain felt by those suffering from COVID-19 — or any illness — is extremely rewarding. The most gratifying piece about this role is knowing that this product will be used to help people get the care they need, and that it will be easier, faster, and less expensive than before.

CHE: Who motivates you?

BJ: My wife works in healthcare, and I hear from her about the pain points she deals with on a daily basis. I’m constantly motivated knowing that our success will directly benefit our clinicians and patients. 

Charlotte Campbell, Senior Data Analyst

Charlotte Campbell, Senior Data Analyst at Carbon Health

Carbon Health Editors:What makes Carbon Health such a special place to work? 

Charlotte Campbell: Everyone knows how important the work we’re doing is, and we’re giving it our all. Everyone has been so kind and willing to help. Even if I haven’t interacted with someone before, I feel comfortable reaching out and asking for help, which is really reassuring and drives a lot more progress than the alternative.

CHE: What initially drew you to a career in engineering? 

CC: My dad was a software engineer, so I think I got a lot of that propensity from him. I have always enjoyed both math and science, but also enjoy working with and communicating with people. I was actually a double major in theater arts and engineering in college. I’ve found that despite the stereotypes of engineers being quiet people, a lot of good engineers need strong communication skills to make the most impact.

CHE: How is inclusivity promoted on your team? 

CC: I really think everyone on our team has a unique viewpoint to share, and we try to bring those viewpoints and knowledge into all of our discussions. They are all pretty clear communicators, and we can all get a lot of work done — as well as casually chit-chatting and laughing with one another, all in the same meeting!

Haroon Iftikhar, Senior Mobile Engineer

Haroon Iftikhar, Senior Mobile Engineer at Carbon Health

Carbon Health Editors: What drew you to a career in engineering?

Haroon Iftikhar: I grew up in the Middle East. My parents were expatriates from Pakistan. Since a very young age, I’ve been reverse-engineering anything in sight. At times I was able to assemble things back together, and I wouldn’t tell anyone I had disassembled them in the first place.

CHE: How did you first hear about Carbon Health?

HI: I actually got the chance to visit a Carbon Health mobile clinic for a COVID-19 test back in 2020 and was completely amazed by the patient experience. It changed my perception of what healthcare can feel like. I wanted to be a part of it somehow. It makes me giddy to see new Carbon Health clinics, and I encourage you to visit one to get a feel of how holistic avant-garde healthcare can be.

CHE: What makes Carbon Health such a special place to work?

HI: Not only working for a mission that I very much believe in myself, but also working with dedicated people who feel the same way is such an incredible feeling. I’m actively working on our diabetes program, and it’s extremely gratifying to know that the work we do helps people who need it most get better-quality healthcare.

Mike Arens, Vice President, Hardware Engineering

Mike Arens, Vice President, Hardware Engineering, Carbon Health

Carbon Health Editors: How is Carbon Health different from other places you’ve worked? 

Mike Arens: The team’s incredible passion for the patient. Everyone here deeply and genuinely cares about making the healthcare experience as great as possible. I think it comes from a set of shared painful experiences in our past. It’s sad that our healthcare system is so universally disjointed and often bad that we all have these shared experiences, but it’s the opportunity to improve that unites us on our mission.

CHE: How do you make sure everyone feels heard on your team?

MA: Inviting opinions, and waiting through the awkward Zoom silence for as long as it takes to give everyone time to consider and a chance to speak.

CHE: What is one accomplishment you’re particularly proud of?

MA: I’m helping to bridge the physical divide that exists between virtual care and in-clinic care. We’re doing this by enabling patients to use consumer and medical-grade hardware products at home to, for example, take certain vitals. We’re integrating that hardware seamlessly into the Carbon Health experience. During COVID-19, it can often feel like leaving the house represents a non-zero risk, so it feels good to be giving patients the option to receive great quality care — including physical vitals — through a remote visit.

CHE: What inspires you? 

MA: The level of ambition I see in this company is inspiring. As I heard our CEO and co-founder, Eren Bali, say (and I’m paraphrasing), we are going to succeed by doing the hard things that no one else wants to do.

Justin Hunthrop, Senior Engineering Manager, Core Platform

Justin Hunthrop, Senior Engineering Manager, Core Platform, Carbon health

Carbon Health Editors: What is one thing you’ve rediscovered about yourself since joining Carbon Health?

Justin Hunthrop: I would say that Carbon Health has reminded me what it’s like to enjoy what I do. During the pandemic, I thought about what mattered to me. I wanted a more profound meaning from my work, and I wanted to be a part of trying to make the world better. So I researched the leadership of Carbon Health, what they’re about, and their mission. I was sold on the company immediately.

CHE: How is inclusivity promoted on your team?

JH: It’s promoted by living it. We don’t simply talk about being inclusive. We are. Everyone’s opinion is valued, everyone has a seat at the table, and we do everything we can to make Carbonauts feel a part of the team. Carbon Health is the most inclusive place that I’ve worked.

CHE: What excites you about work on the daily? 

JH: I am working on things that positively impact people’s lives. I’ve worked at numerous companies across different industries, and Carbon Health is the most fulfilling of them all. It’s incredibly gratifying to work with people all aligned toward the same goal. Everyone at Carbon Health cares.


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