COVID-19 Test-to-Treat from Anywhere

Ayo Omojola
May 24, 2022
7 mins

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus continues to evolve, so our arsenal to fight it must evolve as well. Carbon Health is now partnering with home diagnostic company Detect to ensure access to care for patients testing themselves for COVID-19 in the comfort of their own home. We’re also working with several city and county governments, as well as large pharmacy chains, to ensure that all eligible Carbon Health patients (including those from Detect), have same-day access to COVID-19 therapeutics like Paxlovid and molnupiravir.

Early on in the pandemic, it was difficult for patients to know where or how to get a test. Now, there’s in-person testing on every corner, and companies like Detect enable patients to test themselves at home with PCR-quality results. New treatment options have also emerged: initially, monoclonal antibody therapies, and more recently, new therapeutic options like Paxlovid and molnupiravir. With new treatments comes the same issue we initially experienced with tests: at almost every step, the process for obtaining them is complicated. Our partnership with Detect and work with major pharmacies and local governments will now allow us to close the gaps in this process and accelerate access to new COVID-19 treatments for eligible patients within the short timeframe those treatments are needed in.

Since early 2020, Carbon Health has been leaning into pandemic response in our communities, through early access to testing in our clinics, building one of the first and most comprehensive testing locators, helping run the largest vaccine site in the country at Dodger Stadium, making free COVID-19 testing available in underserved communities, and running trials for COVID-19 oral therapies like molnupiravir. We believe that collaborating with other private organizations and public entities allows us to deliver the best healthcare to the public and help mitigate the ongoing deleterious effects of COVID-19.   

Carbon Health 🤝 Detect

Through our partnership with Detect, any patient who tests for COVID-19 with Detect will get direct access to care at Carbon Health. Here’s how it works:

1. In the Detect app, a patient who tests positive will be given the option to seek care at Carbon Health. Carbon Health has more than 140 physical locations in 17 states and provides telehealth services to 23 states.

2. Whether you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 or need help managing your symptoms, our clinicians are ready to help. Simply book a virtual or in-clinic appointment to connect with a Carbon Health provider who is up-to-date on COVID-19 treatment options and eligibility.

3. If you test positive for COVID-19 and are eligible for antivirals, your clinician will help ensure that you have same-day access to medication and follow-up support. Taking antivirals within five days of symptom onset is recommended to ensure effectiveness and help mitigate severe symptoms. Same-day access to Paxlovid and molnupiravir is available at any one of our 140-plus care sites in 17 states, and in the 23 states where we offer virtual care.

Public Health and Pharmacy Partnerships

Supplies of antivirals remain limited to large pharmacy chains (who are supplied by the federal government) and local city, county, and state public health departments. To enable patients to have same-day access to antiviral prescriptions, we’re working with both.

     • At participating Carbon Health clinics in Colorado, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Alabama, we’re collaborating with several local governments including Los Angeles County, Contra Costa County, and Marin County, to stock select antivirals (typically Paxlovid, molnupiravir, or both). At these clinics, eligible patients will be able to leave their visit with their prescriptions in hand.

     • At the remainder of our sites around the country, and in the 23 states where we offer virtual care, Carbon Health is working with national pharmacy chains to ensure same-day pickup or delivery of prescribed antiviral medications to eligible patients via a nearby pharmacy location. 

     • Finally, we’re working with several public health departments and nonprofit organizations across Northern and Southern California to run Test-to-Treat care pods in underserved communities.

We’re honored to lead the response for end-to-end COVID-19 care in our communities.

What This Means for You

If you test positive for COVID-19 and are seeking care, Carbon Health stands ready to help. Whether via telehealth or an in-clinic visit, our clinicians will ensure that eligible patients get access to oral antiviral therapies. In select locations, you’ll be able to walk out of your visit that day with your prescription in hand. Everywhere else, we’ve partnered with major pharmacy chains to ensure same-day access, either via pick-up or delivery. 

As the pandemic evolves, we’ll continue to partner with local governments, public health departments, and innovative health care organizations like Detect, to expand access to care options. If this is you, talk to us at


Thanks to my colleagues at Carbon Health for their valuable feedback:

Clinicians: Sujal Mandavia, Roger Wu

Engineering Team: Murat Akbal

Clinical Informatics: Haritha Atluri

Ayo Omojola

Ayo Omojola is the Vice President of Product at Carbon Health. He loves building things that help people live their healthiest lives.