Carbon Health Technology: Better Support for Walk-in Patients

Ayo Omojola
September 1, 2021
2 mins

We are a digital-first healthcare provider, so a much larger proportion of our patients come from the web than off the street (as is true for most urgent care organizations). To date, our teams have had to hack around our existing scheduling tools to handle patients who walk in unscheduled, which has created a ton of unintended consequences, including slowing down the process of checking patients in, and forcing us to create a “shadow” schedule to reserve capacity for patients who walk in.

Simultaneously with releasing our updated schedule board, we’ve added first-class support for searching and adding patients who walk in off the street without an appointment. This should both speed up the check-in process and simplify our scheduling.

These changes are a small part of a meaningful shift in our provider application. More to come.

As always, please let us ​​know here if you have questions or feedback.

Ayo Omojola

Ayo Omojola is the Vice President of Product at Carbon Health. He loves building things that help people live their healthiest lives.