Carbon Health Technology: Better Appointment-Scheduling Tools

Ayo Omojola
September 9, 2021
2 mins

Because we are a digital-first care provider, a much larger proportion of our patients comes from the web than off the street (as is true for most urgent care organizations). Historically, our service surface area was fairly straightforward — we primarily did urgent care visits. Over the past 18 months, we’ve massively increased our service surface area to include primary care, telehealth, and various COVID-19 services. 

As we’ve added more services, it’s gotten harder for patients to discover what’s right for them, and the process for choosing the type of care they need has gotten more complex. 

In the past, a patient had to hunt to find the service they were looking for:

Today, all services available at a particular location are listed and easy to find, along with the earliest availability for each service:

Prior to shipping this change, the growth team did a brief A/B test using the old model as the control and the new one as the treatment, and it showed a 17 percent lift in patient conversions, which was statistically significant. In the future, we’ll make it easier to search and to match patient intent to our clinical objects (appointment reasons, specialties, and so on), to reduce friction even further.

As always, please let us ​​know here if you have questions or feedback.

Ayo Omojola

Ayo Omojola is the Vice President of Product at Carbon Health. He loves building things that help people live their healthiest lives.