Announcing Carbon Health Connect — Connecting the Healthcare System Dots

Nita Sommers
November 11, 2021
3 mins

Since its founding, in 2015, Carbon Health has aligned all its efforts toward achieving a singular mission: making great healthcare accessible to everyone. Working to reach this goal has required that we tackle massive systemic problems in U.S. healthcare — a major one being the extreme fragmentation of care. 

For patients, this fragmentation means that finding and booking appointments with specialists is difficult, that understanding in advance what services will cost is nearly impossible, and that taking care of their health often means seeing many different providers who don’t communicate effectively with one another. And the rise of telehealth options has led to yet more fragmentation in the healthcare marketplace! It can all be completely overwhelming. 

With our new Carbon Health Connect program, we’re taking yet another step toward eliminating gaps and barriers in healthcare and achieving our foundational goal. 

Meeting Patients Where They Are

Carbon Health has been working to connect healthcare’s disparate fragments in a few ways. Our innovative technology makes health records not only easy for a patient to access, but also available to their entire healthcare team. And our unique omnichannel care model means that patients can access care when and how they need it, whether that’s at one of our primary care or urgent care clinics, or via a virtual visit. 

As a cornerstone healthcare resource for our patients, we take an expansive view of primary care and urgent care — our patients can currently access more than 80 percent of their healthcare needs directly through Carbon Health. We make this possible by providing services like preventive care, complex urgent care, basic diagnostic tests including labs and X-rays, and remote monitoring of patients with chronic conditions (with Carbon Health’s recent acquisition of Alertive Healthcare and Steady Health, we are moving resolutely into this new frontier of healthcare). 

A New Solution: Carbon Health Connect 

Our next step in “de-fragmentizing” healthcare is Carbon Health Connect — an expansion of our ecosystem, which we are achieving by partnering with exceptional specialists and health systems in the communities we serve. With Carbon Health Connect, our patients will continue to experience seamless care even when they must seek services that Carbon Health does not provide. As we continue to evolve and grow the program, we’re investing in technology and operational integration to make getting care easier for patients, and to make providing care easier for our Carbon Health Connect partners. We believe that accessing and providing healthcare should always be hassle-free — so patients and clinicians can focus on what’s truly important (and not be sidetracked by confusing paperwork or endless online forms). 

So we’re thrilled to introduce our flagship Carbon Health Connect partner, John Muir Health, an integrated system of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare services. Based in Walnut Creek, California, John Muir Health provides high-quality care to patients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, with a focus on the East Bay (which comprises Alameda and Contra Costa counties). 

Carbon Health and John Muir Health are partnering to provide complete, unfragmented healthcare to all our patients, as we also work together to increase primary and urgent care capacity in the East Bay, through the development of new Carbon Health clinics. 

In the near future, we look forward to expanding Carbon Health Connect in every region we serve, as well as connecting with virtual providers and other digital services.

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Nita Sommers

Nita Sommers leads growth expansion at Carbon Health, including spearheading new strategic initiatives and expanding Carbon Health’s work with payers, providers, employers, and other ecosystem partners. 

Nita previously served as the president of Honor, a provider of home-based care to older adults, and she spent nearly seven years as the chief strategy officer at Castlight Health, a health navigation platform for employers and health plans. She was also an early member of the Athenahealth team, and was most recently an operating partner for Khosla Ventures, where she worked with the firm’s portfolio of early-stage companies transforming healthcare.