Carbon Health + Alertive Healthcare = Omnichannel Care

Myoung Cha
October 5, 2021
4 mins

We are thrilled to join forces with the Alertive Healthcare team as we continue to accelerate Carbon Health’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) capabilities, which represent a major pillar of Carbon Health’s omnichannel care strategy.  

Alertive started its journey several years ago in remote patient monitoring to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Seeing the need for continuous, real-time care, Nirav H. Shah, MD, Noah Manders, and Jorge Sanchez, MD, built the company and technology from the ground up to serve providers and patients through a clinically led approach. Alertive now monitors thousands of patients across a number of conditions and specialties, including cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, and nephrology.  

This focus on solving clinical problems stood out to us as we got to know the Alertive team, studied the evidence on the impact of their platform on resistant hypertension that they had begun to publish, and spoke to their customers. Recent external benchmarking validated what we had come to believe — that the Alertive team was the real deal.  

Alertive has developed a number of device-based clinical pathways and integrated dozens of medical devices into their platform, providing Carbon Health with significant new home-based care tools and capabilities. We will be introducing Alertive’s platform into all of Carbon Health’s clinics over the next several months, integrating the solution into the Carbon Health omnichannel care model as a default offering, not a nice-to-have feature.  

With Alertive on board, home-based care with a Carbon Health provider becomes a truly connected experience, with wearables, devices, and other sensors streaming vital signs to the Carbon Health EMR (electronic medical record) platform. Over time, we expect the majority of our primary care patients to have the option of integrating an RPM program with their care.  

We are also very excited about the opportunity for Carbon Health to partner with other health systems and payors through the Alertive platform, so we can serve patients across the continuum of care and collaborate with a range of non-Carbon providers — where devices and data become the connective tissue that is often lacking in the seams of healthcare.  

For example, a Carbon Health primary care patient with a connected device may be referred to an Alertive-partnered specialist, whose team has access to all the patient’s higher-resolution biometric data — so clinical decision-making can be coordinated and improved. Another example: a patient who has just had a hospital procedure may be safely discharged to their home a day sooner with an Alertive hardware kit containing a cellular tablet, an ECG patch, and a pulse ox, freeing up capacity in the healthcare system and providing better visibility to the patient’s primary care physician for follow-up.  

The possibilities are numerous, and with Steady Health and now Alertive joining Carbon Health, we are still just getting started on our omnichannel care journey.  

Myoung Cha

Myoung Cha is Carbon Health’s Chief Strategy Officer and President of our Omnichannel Care division. Myoung came to Carbon Health with more than a decade of healthcare experience, most recently as Apple Health’s Head of Strategic Initiatives, where he led the launch of programs like COVID-19 exposure notifications with Google, the Apple Watch–based LumiHealth wellness program in Singapore, and the Heartline Study with Johnson & Johnson.