Carbon Health Technology: Patient Care Adherence Tab

Ayo Omojola
November 29, 2021
2 mins

As Carbon Health expands more into primary care, being good at following up with patient referrals becomes far more important as a lever to improve outcomes. When referring a patient, providers often highlight certain patients with urgent needs so our extended care teams can coordinate faster to address acute health issues.

Background and Existing Problems

Our existing referral process was born out of a workflow centered on urgent care; this workflow was optimized for acute referrals for a single problem. Primary, longitudinal care patients often collaborate with providers on multiple conditions, and in these cases, we’ve encountered a few problems.

     • There was no way to view all referrals for a single patient in one place and understand or adjust based on how each was progressing.

     • Every time our care coordinators had a task related to a referral, they needed to dig into the patient record to gain sufficient context to act.

     • Care coordinators were unable to track the status of a referral as it moved between patients, team members, and specialists.


To solve these problems, we’ve shipped a “Care Adherence” tab into the provider application. This tab is viewable at a patient level in the patient chart, and it enables care coordinators to see what is happening with a patient referral, and to react and adjust as necessary.

Key points:

     • All referrals for a patient, and all care follow-up items for that specific patient, are hosted in the adherence tab.

     • The tab enables care coordinators to execute several workflows, including moving a referral through each stage, and reassigning the responsibility for making or changing a decision to a provider or patient. 

     • It also enables all team members coordinating a patient’s care to understand the state of the specialist referral and make necessary changes to drive the best care outcome for the patient. 

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Ayo Omojola

Ayo Omojola is the Vice President of Product at Carbon Health. He loves building things that help people live their healthiest lives.