At Home Workouts for Cold Winter Months

Carbon Health Editorial Team
August 9, 2022
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When it’s cold outside during the winter season, you might not feel like going out for walks or doing other outdoor exercises. However, it’s important to find ways to stay physically active this time of year. Regular physical activity can help you stay healthy and lower your risk of illness. Fortunately, there are several workouts you can do at home this season, so you can avoid the cold.


Lunges are a great way to give your leg muscles a workout. You can do lunges in your living room or bedroom to keep your leg muscles in shape. When you do this type of exercise, aim for about 10 repetitions per leg during your workout. Make sure you do warm-up stretches before doing lunges, so you don’t damage any muscles.

Lifting Weights

Lifting weight at home doesn’t require a lot of space or equipment, but it does offer an effective way to build arm muscle strength. You can lift free weights in each hand to exercise your biceps. Take turns lifting these weights with each arm, and aim for around 10 repetitions for lighter weights. If you’re using heavier weights, keep repetitions lower to avoid straining your muscles. (Read “New Study Touts Benefits of Moderate-to-Vigorous Excercise”)

Brisk Walks

If you’re looking for a way to get in some cardio exercise at home, consider walking around at a fast pace. You can walk briskly throughout your home to get your heart rate up. If you have stairs, consider going up and down them while walking for an even more challenging workout. This type of exercise helps keep your cardiovascular system in good shape.

Jumping Jacks

If you’d rather do cardio while staying in one place, try jumping jacks. These movements also get your heart rate up for an effective cardio workout. You can do a set of jumping jacks while you watch something on TV or while listening to music.

Yoga Workouts

Yoga combines physical activity with emotional fitness to help you feel less stressed. When you do yoga moves, you’ll be working on keeping your joints flexible and stretching your muscles. You’ll also be focusing on your breathing and maintaining a sense of calm during these workouts. If you’re new to yoga, start with easier moves before trying more difficult ones.


Push-ups provide a way for you to work on your upper body strength. When you do push-ups, you’ll be giving your shoulders, chest muscles, and triceps a workout. If you normally don’t do this kind of exercise, aim to do just 10 at first. You can increase the number of push-ups you do gradually as you get more used to doing them.


For a more fun kind of workout, consider dancing around your home to exercise your muscles and joints. Put on some fast tunes, and burn calories while practicing new dance moves or doing your favorite moves.

Before experimenting with a fitness routine, talk to a Carbon Health healthcare provider today about your health goals.

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