Carbon Health Healthy Aging Roundup

Carbon Health Editorial Team
September 2, 2021
4 mins

September is Healthy Aging Month, a time to focus on the positive aspects of growing older and to commit to new healthy habits. 

Aging is a fact of life, but its accompanying changes — to our daily routine, physical health, and relationships, for instance — are personal and can greatly affect our sense of well-being.

The Carbon Health blog regularly publishes new posts about healthy aging, covering emotional and physical aspects of overall health: 

Maintaining Meaning, Purpose, and Mental Health as You Age

Modern medicine, improved standards of living, and social welfare initiatives have all contributed to a changing population landscape. But longer lives raise new questions. As we move past life’s traditional benchmarks, such as raising a family and building a career, how do we maintain a sense of purpose in our lives? Read more.

Sex and Romance as a Senior: Answering Questions About Sex After 60

There are many positives to having a full sex life as a senior. But whether you’re 28 or 82, being sexually active may bring concerns, so we’re discussing safer sex for seniors. Read more.

Explaining High Blood Pressure: Symptoms and Treatments

Most people have heard about high blood pressure from their healthcare providers and have been counseled that healthy habits can combat the condition. But there are many different causes and risk factors, so it’s not always easy to know what we should be doing differently to improve our health. Read more.

Could a Health Issue Be Lowering Your Libido?

A recent study found that about 15 percent of men say they’ve had extended periods of reduced sexual desire, and that rate is more than double among women. Having a lower-than-normal libido may indicate an underlying health problem — especially if its onset is sudden, if it persists for a long time, or if it keeps recurring. Read more.

Talking to Dads About Their Health

If you’ve been concerned because your dad refuses to see a healthcare provider, you’re not alone. In fact, many men either avoid or delay annual health exams. We have tips for starting a conversation with your dad about his health — one that will hopefully lead to lasting positive changes. Read more.

How, When, and Why to Schedule a Routine Mammogram

Mammograms spark fear or anxiety in some people’s minds — but the fact is, mammograms save lives. Learn more about the importance of scheduling routine mammograms (and how to find a mammogram provider near you), as well as the importance of performing self-exams. Read more.

Wait, Men Go Through Menopause?

After the age of 40, a cisgender man’s testosterone levels begin to decline about one percent every year. That means many older men can expect to have lower levels of this vital hormone as they age. Read more.

Diabetes, Prediabetes, and Staying Healthy: What You Need to Know

Each year, more and more people are diagnosed with prediabetes, a serious but reversible health condition that puts them at risk of developing not only type 2 diabetes (which has no cure), but also heart disease and strokes. Learning about diabetes and getting regular health screenings are an important part of staying healthy. Read more.

Your Golden Years Shouldn’t Be Blue: Mental Health for Seniors

When we experience many changes at once, stress can take a toll on mental health. The types of age-related changes that cause stress are varied, and each person will respond to changes differently. Learn how you can take care of your mental health. Read more.

Establishing Care with a Primary Physician

A relationship with a trusted healthcare provider is a key resource for long-term health. Make an appointment today to talk about your life and health goals. Book a virtual or in-person appointment today.

Carbon Health Editorial Team

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