Carbon Health Sexual Wellness Roundup

Carbon Health Editorial Team
August 31, 2021
4 mins

Let’s talk about sex! When it comes to your sexual health, no question should feel too small, too awkward, or too weird to bring up with your healthcare team. Nothing about your health or the human body will make your doctor uncomfortable — and if you’re concerned about something, they want to discuss it and help you live as healthily as possible. Carbon Health medical professionals offer inclusive, judgment-free care and are always available to talk and to support you in reaching your health goals. (Feeling hesitant about bringing up a delicate subject? Check out “How to Discuss ‘Embarrassing’ Topics with Your Doctor“ for some help.)

The Carbon Health blog regularly publishes new posts about sexual wellness and expression, covering emotional and physical aspects of sexual health. Here are a few recent ones: 

Safer Sex for Young People

If you’re a young adult, you’re facing a lot of new responsibilities — and taking care of your sexual health is one of them. If you’ve decided to have sex, talk to your partner about how you can prevent STIs, avoid unplanned pregnancies, and minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. Read more.

Sex and Romance as a Senior: Answering Questions About Sex After 60

There are many positives to having a full sex life as a senior. But whether you’re 28 or 82, being sexually active may bring concerns, so we’re discussing safer sex for seniors. Read more.

The Connection Between Libido and Mental Health

Our sex lives often take a hit as our lives get busier. But a lower-than-normal interest in sex may also indicate an underlying emotional, relationship, or mental health issue. Read more.

Could a Health Issue Be Lowering Your Libido?

A recent study found that about 15 percent of men say they’ve had extended periods of reduced sexual desire, and that rate is more than double among women. Having a lower-than-normal libido may indicate an underlying health problem — especially if its onset is sudden, if it persists for a long time, or if the issue keeps recurring. Read more.

Intimacy Fizzled During COVID-19? How to Rekindle the Spark with Your Partner.

The continued stress of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on many relationships. Here are some ways you can rekindle the spark with your partner. Read more.

Safer Sex in a New Era of Dating and Relationships

As people begin to socialize again, a reminder about the importance of testing for some other infectious diseases may be necessary — as stigmas surrounding STIs make information about them somewhat harder to come by (and sometimes more difficult to discuss). Read more.

Looking for Love After Lockdown: Dating and Romance in a New Era

When it comes to post-pandemic romance, the average person says they’re looking to take it slow and build a committed relationship. But the anxieties of the past year add another layer of stress to dating in general. Read more.

Got Questions About Masturbation? We Asked Some Experts.

We know it may not be the easiest topic to talk about, so we’re answering some of the most common questions about masturbation. Read more.

HIV: Treatment as Prevention

Inequities in healthcare mean that not everyone has the same level of access to treatment for HIV. We take a look into how ensuring treatment for all is the best form of prevention against the disease. Read more.

Establishing Care with a Primary Physician

A relationship with a trusted healthcare provider is a key resource for sexual (and overall) health. Make an appointment today to talk about your life and health goals. Book a virtual or in-person appointment today.

Carbon Health Editorial Team

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