The Future of Healthcare: Outcomes Anchored, One-Stop Shops, Fewer Players

Carbon Health Editorial Team
December 20, 2022

Recently, our chief strategy officer Myoung Cha sat down with Axios' Erin Brodwin to discuss primary care, the macro state of digital health, and the role of integration in raising the standard of care. 

Read on for the highlights from their illuminating conversation and be sure to catch the whole exchange here

  • How Carbon Health defines "care delivery" broadly and what is needed to truly deliver outcomes [27:57]
  • Carbon Health by the numbers today and what we've set our sights on [28:32]
  • Who our target audience is and what they expect of their care experience [31:40]
  • Our crystal ball prediction for the future macro state of the healthcare industry in 2023 [34:57]

  • On balancing human and tech in the Carbon Health experience + the unique power of a homegrown EHR [36: 55]
  • The big lesson learned as we dip into risk-based contracts (spoiler: it’s HARD) [38:44]
  • Who we consider our biggest “competitors” and why it's not OneMedical [40:10]
  • On the future of our EHR software outside of the Carbon Health universe [41:40]
  • Pro tips for finding success in the risk-based contract journey [42:35]
  • Blowing up the current biggest misconception about Carbon Health [43:47]

Be sure to listen to the full conversation and let us know your thoughts on the future of healthcare.

Carbon Health Editorial Team

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