Carbon Health Is Celebrating One Million Vaccinations

Sujal Mandavia, MD
April 15, 2021
3 mins

Carbon Health has officially reached the milestone of administering one million COVID-19 vaccines within three months. From the parking lots of Dodger Stadium to pop-up clinics throughout the state, there was no shortage of drive, grit, and dedication.

In reaching this remarkable milestone, we faced many challenges and difficulties. However, the hard work of our passionate team members, partners in local governments, community organizations, and incredible volunteers ultimately helped us succeed.

We are continuously amazed by the commitment of the people who are working tirelessly to help keep our communities safe, and we’re so grateful to everyone involved in this monumental effort.

How Did We Get Here?

Despite the long hours and stress surrounding the pandemic, the resilience of our healthcare workers was astonishing and a huge contribution to our success. I’ve seen people who have worked in healthcare for many years, and you can see in their eyes just how recharged they are when they get to spend time and work on these sites, because you’re doing what you signed up to do in healthcare. 

Additionally, as a tech-enabled healthcare company, our vaccine platform helped make vaccine administration and patient care efficient and effective. It also allowed for quick patient support, communication with insurance companies, and direct integration with state immunization websites.

But we couldn’t stop there. At Carbon Health, we believe that good healthcare should be accessible to everyone. So when it came to the vaccine, we didn’t want anyone left behind.  

To increase access, we added additional pop-up clinics in San Mateo and Los Angeles in neighborhoods with high needs, and used outreach strategies for people who may not have the same digital awareness as others. This included partnering with the mayor’s office to have designated representatives book on behalf of vulnerable demographics. 

The team of frontline workers at our Dodger Stadium vaccination site celebrates Carbon Health's one-millionth vaccination.

What’s Next?

Although we are so proud and humbled by what we’ve accomplished, we know that there is still work to be done. 

The next step will be to keep educating and encouraging people who are hesitant to get vaccinated, either because they feel they are a part of an invincible population or may not have experienced the seriousness of COVID-19 first hand.  

We also need to keep encouraging people to get tested for COVID-19, especially if they are vaccinated. This allows us to continue to track the efficacy of the vaccine, as well as prevent any further outbreaks on a large scale. We must be vigilant, but with that vigilance comes hope. 

We know from a recent CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) study that the vaccine is working. Which makes it imperative that we don’t let our guards down, but rather move forward with full force. From administering vaccines at large community spaces to creating additional pop-up vaccine clinics, we won’t quit. And although it may take some time, we’re feeling more confident than ever that we will overcome this together. 

Sujal Mandavia, MD

Dr. Mandavia has over 20 years of healthcare management experience. In his role as Chief Medical Officer at Carbon Health, Mandavia oversees all clinical operations and protocols, as well as the expansion of Carbon Health's world-class clinical care offering. When not at work, Sujal enjoys everything hockey related, listening to the Tragically Hip, and being taken for hikes by his Rhodesian Ridgebacks.


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