More Personal Visits: Introducing AI-Enabled Hands-Free Charting

Eren Bali
June 5, 2023
6 minutes

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Today, we’ve rolled out a new feature that makes doctors’ visits instantly more personal. We call it hands-free charting – an GPT-4-based notes assistant built directly into our EHR (electronic health records system). In just ten days, we’ve eliminated manual charting – one of the top reasons for physician burnout – for our 600+ clinicians while making their conversations with patients feel more human and more connected.

There’s a lot of talk about AI right now, but we feel uniquely positioned to ship AI-enabled features that have a practical impact on patient experience. Through our vertically integrated model, Carbon Health can accelerate AI’s role in healthcare through features that:

  • Leverage rich data in our EHR, such as lab visits, diagnostic and billing codes, and patient history 
  • Fit seamlessly into provider workflows, with no installation or plug-ins required
  • Get better from fast and iterative feedback loops with our clinicians

These capabilities give Carbon Health a first mover advantage in healthcare AI – starting with native GPT-4-based charting.

Charting new, hands-free territory  

After gaining patient consent at the start of the visit, providers simply hit “record” in our EHR for a deviceless conversation where they can truly connect with the patient and hear their concerns. 

Once the recording completes, the raw audio is captured and transcribed using AWS Transcribe Medical.  Unlike typical AI scribes, the transcript is then combined with rich data pulled directly from our EHR – including patient history, diagnosis codes, manually-added notes from the provider –  to formulate a prompt for OpenAI’s GPT-4 hosted on Microsoft Azure.  In just a few minutes, a visit summary is auto-generated in the patient’s chart, allowing the provider to review, edit, and approve as the ultimate medical decision-maker – all within our EHR.

The feature also proposes a simpler summary and a set of takeaways for patients as part of their care plan, helping busy providers keep patients informed and engaged in their own health.

Immediate impact

Production-ready AI charting took a few months to develop and only days to deploy to all providers across all clinics. Thanks to our fast feedback loop with clinicians, we’re already seeing notable improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and completeness:

  • Efficiency: On average, the system generates a complete medical chart in less than 4 minutes compared to 16 minutes for a manual chart
  • Accuracy: 88% of the AI-generated text is accepted by the provider without edits
  • Completeness: Charts are 2.5x more detailed than manual entry to present a full view of the patient

Perhaps more exciting is seeing how quickly our urgent and primary care providers have embraced native AI charting. It's clear that hands-free charts deliver the breadth, detail, and quality that providers wish they had the time to write.

Practical AI at Carbon Health

With a shortage of physicians and increasing demands from the communities we serve, every minute counts. The magic we’ve created lies in Carbon Health’s custom EHR and the collaboration among clinical teams, engineers, and designers who work side-by-side to deliver innovation that takes the rest of the industry years to get started. The rapid shift towards AI gives our teams an opportunity to rethink every aspect of our patient experience, and we plan to extend our patent-pending AI capabilities to areas like operations, referrals, and other workflows. From our perspective, innovation doesn’t matter if it can’t impact everyone – especially generative AI.

We’re moving fast and will have more to come as we work to make healthcare accessible for all. Read more about our news announcement here, and stay tuned for more innovative new features.

Sign up here for an AI charting demo and see if the Carbon EHR is right for your healthcare practice.

Eren Bali

Eren Bali is the co-founder and CEO of Carbon Health. Eren leads the Carbon Health team toward his vision of democratizing healthcare and making high-quality care accessible to everyone.