Why I Joined Carbon Health

James Baxley
February 25, 2021

Today I am humbled and excited to be joining the team at Carbon Health as Head of Enterprise Product Engineering. Carbon Health is seeking to make world-class healthcare accessible to everyone.

Those who know me know that accessibility and community are major driving forces in my career. As I sought a new job this year, finding a place with these at its core mission, combined with a sense of urgency brought on by the pandemic, made Carbon Health a unique and exciting opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

Long Hauling in 2020

In March of 2020, on my birthday, to be exact, I started to show initial symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). What would follow was a year of sickness, recovery, and sickness again as I found myself battling recurring symptoms from Covid, what is commonly called a “long hauler”.

My primary care doctor was stumped and did their best with treating symptoms, but I was mostly on my own trying to learn how to function again. Most days, I was too tired to get out of bed and couldn’t walk to my mailbox. Work had become problematic as I had constant brain fog and fatigue. It was exhausting.

What I was missing was an advocate. Near the end of the year, I started seeing a new kind of doctor, one who focused on me as an individual, stopped treating symptoms, and started working to better my health. This change in the doctor-patient relationship quite possibly saved my life and definitely has put me on a path to recovery that would not have existed otherwise.

Claire and Carbon

As I started looking for a new position in the early days of 2021, I reached out to my mentor and former VPE, Claire Hough. I knew Claire to be kind, supportive, honest, and someone who I could trust to advocate for what would be best for me.

Luck would have it that she had just started at Carbon Health. She told me that they were opening clinics in typically marginalized and underserved communities. They were helping with vaccine rollouts in California and assisting in wellness checks for thousands of employees all over the country. She also told me how the demand was outpacing what the small but mighty team could keep up with.

The more she told me about how the company works, how it is trying to bring the same kind of health care that saved my life to everyone, not just those who can afford it, the more I knew this was the place for me to get involved. Ultimately it was meeting the team that sealed the deal. I firmly believe people make the difference. A good boss is worth following, and a good team is worth new challenges.

The Mission

I’ve joined Carbon to help with their architecture and lead the engineering group focused on their enterprise healthcare product. This means taking the skills I honed at Apollo, helping companies of every size modernize their stack, and put it into practice supporting frontline workers.

It also means building a team. Carbon Health has a diverse team, and this part of the org needs to continue that tradition. A company needs to look like its community to understand it. Diversity is a vital strength. We need a team focused on accessibility, supporting marginalized communities, and being an advocate for those who need one.

And don’t we all need an advocate?

If any of this sounds compelling to you, we are hiring all over the company, and I will be building the enterprise team as quickly as I can.

Come join me, and let’s make a difference for everyone.

James Baxley

James is an engineering leader and part-time farmer living in SC with his family. He enjoys building safe teams, scalable systems, and taking care of his flock of sheep.


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