Why You Should Never Procrastinate on Your Health

Neeru Singh, MD
March 8, 2021
5 min

We all procrastinate. We check our social media accounts instead of doing work or cleaning our house. We put off going to the gym until later in the day and then—oops!—don’t do it all. Procrastination is a part of life. But one thing we should never procrastinate on is taking care of our health.


Whether you’re putting off that annual physical or you have a health issue that you don’t think is “that big of a deal,” a timely visit to your doctor can help you stay healthy and prevent illness and disease.


Plus, now it’s easier than ever to focus on your health...without even leaving the house...thanks to virtual care!

Are You a Primary Care Procrastinator? 

Studies show most people don’t schedule an annual physical. Only about 1 in 5 Americans see their doctor for this important yearly exam and only 8% of adults over the age of 35 receive all their appropriate and recommended health screening tests on time. In fact, about 5% don’t receive any at all!


There’s a variety of reasons people neglect getting the health services they need. Embarrassment, busy schedules, not knowing where to go, and the overall cost are just some of the excuses patients have when it comes to procrastinating on their well-being.. One study found that many people don’t go see a healthcare provider when they’re sick because they assume their symptoms will improve over time.


Routine is Vital to Your Health

For every reason not to go in for a check-up or screening, we can list twice as many reasons why you SHOULD see your doctor regularly. Reduce your risk for countless diseases, disabilities, and even early death by staying on top of your overall health.


High blood pressure (HBP), for example, is nicknamed “the silent killer” because it often has no symptoms and can develop slowly over time. However, having HPB raises your risk of heart disease and stroke. The only way for you to track your blood pressure is to get it checked regularly by your doctor.


Additionally, regular doctor visits help you keep on track for important health screenings and tests so that you can manage or reduce your risk of developing numerous diseases and chronic health conditions. 


Curb Procrastination with Virtual Care

You’re busy. We understand. Really, we do. Or, maybe you want to avoid medical facilities because of the pandemic.


That’s where Carbon Health Virtual Care comes in. It’s care right from the comfort of your home. No need to factor in drive time when planning your visit. All you need is your insurance card and your smartphone.


Once you download the app, you can make appointments for primary, urgent, and mental health services. Book same-day appointments, chat with your provider before and after your appointment and access your records immediately through the Carbon Health app. No more excuses! 

The Carbon Health Difference

Carbon Health is a modern, tech-enabled healthcare provider designed from the ground up to put patient care first. Combining smart technology with inviting clinics, we deliver a uniquely seamless experience from virtual care to in-person care — to meet you where you are. 


Liked what you read? Learn more by downloading the Carbon Health app or visiting carbonhealth.com.

Neeru Singh, MD

Neeru Singh, MD, is a Medical Director at Carbon Health. As a primary care physician, she enjoys educating and guiding patients on important health decisions.


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