Celebrating Juneteenth at Carbon Health

Carbon Health Editorial Team
June 17, 2021
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Juneteenth is an annual holiday that commemorates one of the most revolutionary events in the history of the United States — the end of slavery and the liberation of approximately four million Black people from its shackles. This monumental day has been celebrated by Black Americans since the late 1800s — the first known celebrations were in 1866, and they quickly spread across the country.   

Juneteenth marks a June 19, 1865, announcement in Galveston, Texas — on that day, General Gordon Granger of the Union Army proclaimed the end of slavery in Texas. (President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation had officially banned slavery in all U.S. states in 1862, but there was no enforcement of the ban in Texas — the most distant Confederate state — until after the end of the Civil War and the arrival of Union troops there.)

At Carbon Health, we recognize Juneteenth and give employees a day off as a paid holiday to allow for celebration, awareness, and new or continued learning. Also, Juneteenth just became a federally recognized holiday, with President Biden’s signing of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act.

So this Juneteenth, we’re providing a list of resources to help others learn more about the holiday, its significance, and how they can support members of the Black community. 

Learn More About the Significance of Juneteenth

Take a look at some incredible resources about Black culture and history:

26 Little-Known Black History Facts You May Not Have Learned In School — Oprah Daily brings together some of the most important stories about Black history that often get left out of high school textbooks. 

Learn about the history of Juneteenth — Juneteenth.com shares a detailed account of the history of Juneteenth, and why it is so important for Black Americans. 

Why it took 100 years for America to learn about the Tulsa massacre — This Vox article explores the Tulsa massacre and raises important questions about why this information was hidden for so long. 

44 African Americans Who Shook Up The World — This article shares the list of the “Undefeated 44,” 44 Black people who refused to give up on Black progress and justice. 

An overview of Black history — History.com pulled together all of their resources about Black history to help shine a light on Black triumphs throughout the years. 

Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth 

Looking for some ways to celebrate Black history and support Black culture? Here are some great ways you can:

+ Support Black businesses

On Juneteenth, and every day, it’s important to support Black-owned businesses — especially those that sell a product or service that has to do with Black culture. Here are some great resources for finding Black-owned businesses online and in your community. 

We Buy Black — We Buy Black is one of the largest marketplaces for finding Black-owned products. 

Black Business Green Book — Black Business Green Book is an online directory that helps connect shoppers with Blacked-owned businesses for products and services. 

Eat Okra — Eat Okra helps connect people all over the world with Black-owned restaurants in their area. 

Chez Nous Guide —Chez Nous Guide is a global guide to inclusive and socially conscious brands, including many Blacked-owned businesses. 

+ Read books by Black authors

Take a look at some of these articles sharing a collection of great books by Black authors, and if you can, try buying them from your local Black-owned bookstore instead of online. 

44 of the Best Books by Black Authors You Should Read in Your Lifetime — Oprah Daily walks you through 44 of their favorite books by Black authors. And of course many of Oprah’s favorites make the cut! 

62 great books by Black authors, recommended by TED speakers — Many speakers from the renowned TED Talks series share their favorite books by Black authors. 

19 Black Children’s Books by Black Authors — Book Riot shares their picks for their favorite children’s books written by Black authors. 

+ Watch films by Black filmmakers

Film is another way for someone to tell their story, which is why watching films by Black filmmakers is a great way to support Black artists. 

14 Films By Black Filmmakers That Everyone Should Watch In 2020 — Empire Online takes a deep dive into some of their favorite movies by Black filmmakers. 

Thank you to all of our Black Carbonauts for allowing us to spend this day sharing your history. We are so grateful for your dedication to serving our communities and are honored that you are a part of the Carbon Health family.

Carbon Health Editorial Team

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