Continued Updates for our Anthem Blue Cross of California patients

May 8, 2023
6 Mins

Thanks to everyone that has reached out to us with your concerns about our network status with Anthem Blue Cross PPO. Ensuring our patients have easy access to affordable care is a top priority, and we wanted to share another update.  

As of last week, Anthem Blue Cross is now processing out-of-network PPO claims that we have submitted on patients’ behalf, and many patients are receiving reimbursement for their visits at Carbon Health.  

If you have an HMO plan with Anthem, you can continue to come to Carbon Health with the same coverage.  Please check with your primary care provider. 

If you’d like to continue using Carbon Health as an out-of-network provider for either urgent care or primary care, you can expect the following: 

  • We will collect your normal copay or coinsurance upfront
  • We will submit your claim to Anthem for reimbursement
  • We will send a bill for any amount that Anthem has chosen not to pay for your care, up to a maximum of our standard cash pay price 

Many patients with PPO coverage have out-of-network urgent care coverage, and we would encourage you to check your benefits to see what portion of your visit will be reimbursed.  

Your support matters, and we encourage our patients to reach out to Anthem and request that they process your Carbon Health claim or ask that they bring Carbon Health back in-network. For those of you that have written to Anthem already (see examples below, shared with permission), thank you. Hearing directly from their members helps ensure Carbon Health can continue offering you and your community accessible, high quality care when you need it most.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


There is a Carbon Health location a few miles from my home. They have been an absolute blessing for my elderly father's health, and for my own health. I have received the highest level of care from their staff, all without waiting two weeks for an appointment from my long-term provider who seems to have “checked out” from even returning my calls. Their medical personnel have successfully treated me as a walk-in patient and I am rather bothered that they are no longer in the Anthem network.

I am requesting that Anthem do the right thing and bring Carbon Health back in-network.


On behalf of Carbon Health customers everywhere, I implore you to re-acquire Carbon Health in network. Please don't take this away from Anthem patients! The reason I have always had a PPO is so I can go to any doctor or urgent care of my choice. The recent developments of the HMO-like "networks" has drastically changed the PPO program and is forcing those of us that already pay more as a PPO buyer, to pay even more if the doctor or urgent care isn't "in-network". I humbly ask that you do us the courtesy of at least adding Carbon Health back into our network.


I am a longtime Anthem member and the decision-maker selecting the small group health insurance for my business, a law firm.

It is disappointing to learn that Anthem has failed to renew necessary contracts with Carbon Health in California. Accordingly, I write to request that you immediately reinstate Carbon Health as an Anthem in- network provider. As a satisfied Carbon Health patient, your failure to do this negatively impacts my healthcare and the healthcare of my employees. You can do better.


Carbon Health in Echo Park has given me excellent and prompt help when I could not get a timely appointment with my general doctor, who is also further away. On more than one occasion they have saved my ability to work because they could see me immediately and prescribe me antibiotics. 

Short of going to an emergency room I don’t know what I would have done otherwise.  Surely a far more cost effective resource in the long term than that?

It’s really a loss to my female health care needs that they are no longer in network.  

Please reinstate them.