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COVID-19 Vaccine Registration

All individuals age 12 and older can now be vaccinated. Walk-ins are accepted, but registration is highly encouraged to help reduce your wait time.

Not in LA? Visit My Turn for other vaccination sites in California.

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We’re committed to helping people receive the COVID-19 vaccine swiftly

How it works

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Book your appointment. Prior to your appointment, follow all COVID-19 safety protocols to avoid possible exposure events.
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On the day of your appointment,bring the necessary documentation and wear a mask.
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Receive your first vaccine dose. A healthcare provider will monitor you up to 30 minutes after your first shot for any abnormal reactions or if you have a history of allergic reactions.
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Receive your Digital Health Pass.We will text or email your secure Digital Health Pass with your vaccination information.
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Your second dose will be automatically booked for you after your first dose is administered. If you received your first dose elsewhere you can schedule a second dose. Most second dose appointments will be booked 28 days after a Moderna first dose or 21 days after a Pfizer first dose. Appointments may be scheduled further, but will still be within the CDC’s recommended window.
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Life after vaccines.Continue to wear a mask indoors, wash hands regularly, and maintain social distance even after receiving both doses of the vaccination.

Health Pass

Share your COVID vaccine status with anyone you want

Currently available to Carbon Health patients only.
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  • Illustrated green check mark.Easily prove vaccination, wherever you are
  • Illustrated green check mark.Keep your info safe and secure
  • Illustrated green check mark.Completely control who you share with
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Illustrated hand holding a mockup of a smartphone, showing the healthpass on the screen
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Carbon Health is a technology-enabled healthcare provider that combines smart technology with modern clinics.

Carbon Health specializes in urgent care, primary care, mental health, and has been working tirelessly to make COVID-19 testing and vaccinations available to all.

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Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

How were the vaccines developed so quickly?

Developing a drug is expensive and drug companies typically wait for phase 2 studies to be complete before investing in phase 3 trials. Because of the pandemic, the United States and other countries provided funding to vaccine developers to start planning and enrolling patients in phase 3 trials at the same time that phase 2 trials were being performed. This greatly accelerated the drug development timeline without compromising the typical trial standards.

Typically it takes a long time to enroll patients into a clinical study but during a pandemic enrollment was much easier. In order to prove efficacy you need enough positive results in the control group and since the prevalence of COVID-19 was so high they were able to achieve statistical significance early on.

How do I know the vaccine is safe? Can I trust the vaccine?

An FDA analysis of the Pfizer vaccine's safety and effectiveness on people aged 16 and older found "no specific safety concerns" that would preclude the vaccine's use. The same safety and effectiveness was found in people aged 18 and older for the Moderna vaccine. They made recommendations about vaccine safety to the larger FDA panel. Some mild to moderate side effects are common of all vaccines—mostly swelling, pain, redness at the injection site, fatigue, and sometimes a fever that resolves within about 24 hours. In rare cases, some patients have experienced symptoms of anaphylaxis. All vaccinated patients are monitored for signs of this and treated should it occur.

Clinical trials have data safety monitoring boards that are third party groups assigned to monitor safety and any adverse events in a trial. Analysis is performed by third party scientists with no financial or political motivations or biases.

Will I have immunity from COVID-19 after my first shot?

The first shot of the mRNA vaccine can help reduce the chance of getting symptomatic COVID-19 by 52%. It is 95% effective one week after receiving the second injection of the vaccine.

How long does the vaccine take to work?

The vaccine is most effective 1 week after your second dose. You still may get some protection 2-3 weeks after your first dose but you really need that second dose to get the most protection from COVID-19.

Will I feel fine the next day?

A common side effect of the first shot is local injection site soreness of the muscle. With the second dose, about 20% of patients may develop side effects like body aches, chills, and feverishness which typically last a day or less and are treated with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. This is a sign the immune system is revving up and doing what it is supposed to be doing.